Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adventures In Stripping Diapers

Even if you are careful to use less detergent and vinegar rinses, diapers still can get stressed and need periodic stripping.

Symptoms of diaper stress:

- Strong ammonia smell after they have been soiled.

- Diaper rash that won't go away despite diligent intervention.

Cause: Detergent residue which traps bacteria.

Solution: Boil (Strip) them.
**We use pocket diapers and I ONLY strip the inserts, Snaps & velcro can melt  and or the diaper's color can run.**
Start off with washing the inserts, they don't need to be dried. I spend a full day boiling all the cleaned inserts in a giant stock pot. It actually goes by pretty quickly.
 I can get about six - seven inserts in at a time. Add a little vinegar as well. This will help rid the inserts of detergent residue. I have also found a little bit of Dawn dish soap helps too.               Picture to the right: My little helper in her Ergo.... 

Bring the water to a boil, place the inserts in the pot.  I kept them boiling for about 8 minutes, then use a pair of tongs and transfer the "stripped" inserts to the sink (I used a metal bowl, Be careful it will be HOT)  
Then I add 6-7 more inserts the boiling water and start the process over again.   After 12-14 inserts are done, then you will want to change your water. 
Picture to the left: the suds are from the dawn soap

The inserts that are in the sink get rinsed down with cold water, rung out and set aside. Once all the inserts are done being stripped, I place them all in the washer for a washing cycle in just hot water and baking soda (baking soda neutralizes odors). Whenever you can line dry do it, The sun has a lot of benefits for diapers as well... 

Result: Extra clean sanitized diapers with no detergent residue, and no more rashes or bad smells. Good luck & Happy stripping!!


  1. Nice post, Jen. I wish I could say my stripping goes as smoothly. We have a slight ammonia problem. Only smell the ammonia in diaper pail if I wash on 3rd day instead of 2nd. I have been stripping monthly for the last couple months that I noticed the problem. We strip with Blue Dawn in the bathtub- pocket diapers and inserts. Then boil 6-7 inserts at a time. Rinse everything and put in washer to go through another 1-2 rinse cycles. This has helped but not completely eliminated the problem. I use BacOut on poopy diapers, have tried vinegar in the rinse cycle and even a 3 hr soak in fish ammonia neutralizer. Result is always better but not cured. Any ideas?

  2. I have never boiled mine to strip them...I always just throw them in the washing machine with the dawn. This probably works better, but I am not that patient :-)

  3. Tried this tonight! IT WORKS! Can't line dry due to apartment regulations, and have a bounce dryer bar that I believe also adds residue...anyone know? Just took them out for drying tonight.

  4. I'll try this today!!!!
    Thanks so much ^^

  5. How much baking soda do you use? I'm having yeast issues & need to strip my diapers & inserts, I think I'll try this, thank you :-)